Rediscovering Your Heart: A Journey of Healing and Transformation

Hello dear readers,

Welcome to my blog, a sanctuary where we together explore the depths of transformation and discover how to reclaim control over your heart after a divorce, loss, or exiting a narcissistic relationship.

As the Transformation Therapist of the Netherlands, I invite you on a journey of self-discovery and growth, reexamining the power of attraction and creation from a fresh perspective. Do you prefer to listen. Check the podcast; Çreate your happy future.

Taking Responsibility for Your Heart: A Fresh Start

After a significant event, it’s crucial to take responsibility for your own heart. This involves distancing yourself from the situation and not letting it emotionally dominate you – the first step toward healing.

It’s common to compare oneself to others, but realize that this stems from fears of inadequacy, loneliness, or insecurity, often deeply rooted in the inner child.

Take responsibility for your own heart

The Inner Child and Its Fears

To truly change, you must confront the fears of your inner child. These old fears and illusions keep you trapped in a repetitive pattern, hindering growth.

Addressing these old wounds hidden in your shadow enables you to prevent returning to the same point with every attempt at change or pursuit of love.

Confront the fears of your inner child

Attraction and Personal Growth

In life, we attract what we emanate, whether it’s positive or negative energy. Attraction doesn’t only influence our external world, but also has a profound impact on our inner world and personal growth.

It goes beyond manifesting material things; it serves as a means for self-discovery, growth, and transformation on a deeper level.

The CREATE Method for Potential Growth

My CREATE method focuses on realizing who we can potentially become during the creative process.

Manifestation isn’t just about achieving external goals; it’s a journey of personal growth.

Failures aren’t seen as endpoints but as discoveries of our hidden strength. Transforming failures, sorrows, fears, and insecurities into love is the key to healing.

Healing Tips and Exercises for Your Inner Child

Here are some powerful tips and exercises to embrace, nurture, and forgive your inner child:

  1. Acknowledging the Right to Make Mistakes: Tell your inner child that making mistakes is human and an integral part of growth. Be there to catch and guide them. Say, “I will always be here to catch you, to talk with you, and to get you back on the right path.”
  2. Protection and Nurturing: Let your inner child know that they are always protected and cherished, a safe haven amidst changes. Say to your little self, “I will always protect you because you are a precious part of me.”
  3. Journeying Together Despite Differences with Others: Prepare your inner child for possible rejection or anger from others due to your changes and inspirations. Say, “It’s okay if some people get angry or reject you. What they think outside of you doesn’t matter.”
  4. Forgiveness for Mistakes: Grant permission to your inner child to forgive, understanding that nobody is perfect and everyone carries their own traumas.
  5. Transfer of Leadership: Take the lead and reassure your inner child that you are now the adult who knows what’s best. Address the pain or fear that still triggers them with, “I know what is good for you, and I only want the best for you.”
  6. Unconditional Love and Support: Conclude with a message of unconditional love and lasting support. Assure your inner child that you will always be there, for the rest of your life.
  7. Trust in the Universe and Self-Reflection

To trust your Higher Self’s plan, self-reflection is essential. Embrace change, learn from experiences, and trust in the wisdom of the universe. Your life unfolds in your favor when you dare to trust.

Your life unfolds in your favor when you dare to trust.

Embarking on the Journey Together

Let’s embrace this journey of transformation together and discover the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead when you live according to your heart. You are the architect of your own reality, and it’s time to radiate your most beautiful potential.

Learn to trust your Higher Self’s plan, allowing yourself to evolve in flow. This can be done independently, for example, through an exciting 10-day manifestation workshop: tuning into the source for €111.

For now, I’m sharing some additional tips below to strengthen your confidence in your creative process:

  1. Self-Reflection: Take regular time to look inward and understand who you truly are. This helps you recognize the lessons in every situation.
  2. Embrace Change: Be open to change, as it is the only constant in life. Every change brings new opportunities and growth possibilities.
  3. Learn from Experiences: See every experience, positive or negative, as a chance to learn and grow. This helps you consciously follow your own master plan.
  4. Trust in the Universe: Believe in the wisdom of the universe and trust that everything in your life happens for a reason. This strengthens confidence in your own journey.

Would you like to embrace this transformational journey together and discover the beautiful possibilities that await when you live according to your heart?

Read more about my reset your mind & soul program here. Or send me a WhatsApp message if you’re interested in an inner guidance conversation.

I believe that you are the architect of your own reality, and it’s time to radiate your most beautiful potential.

With love and light, Jacqueline Brandes, The Transformation Therapist of the Netherlands

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